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What is Positive Discipline?

By Claudia Rios-Gastelum, LMFT 97284

Discipline is a common word heard by many parents when discussing how to address a child’s misbehavior. However, some parents believe that discipline means they have to be strict and non-negotiable, which is not the case. With the increased knowledge of how children develop, specialist have found different approaches to supporting both parents and children through the earliest and most influential parts of a child’s life.

Positive Discipline is a popular parenting approach because it empowers both adults (parents, caregivers, teacher) and the child and is based on countless research on child development. The goal of positive discipline is to support the development of a child's self-discipline ability through the use of scaffolding experiences. I will be covering different aspects of positive discipline throughout my posts, but first let’s talk about the benefits of positive discipline.

These are some of the benefits that adults and research have identified:

  1. Reduces misbehavior as it addresses many of the reasons for children engaging in misbehaviors such as tantrums, fighting, defiance, etc…

  2. Teaches a caregiver to clearly communicate expectations, rules, and limits to children so that the child knows what to expect from themselves, others and the world.

  3. Builds a mutually respectful relationship between adults and child based on encouragement and trust.

  4. Increases a child's ability to problem solve and the self-confidence to handle challenges.

  5. Supports prosocial skills in children by teaching them courtesy, non-violence, empathy, and respect for others.

Keep an eye out in the upcoming weeks to learn more about these tools.

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